Escape the Funnel: Master Customer Journey Mapping For Product Management

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Ditch jobs-to-be-done. Ditch the funnel. Instead, here’s how to map customer journeys for any product.
You want to know how to make prospective customers buy your product. Or upgrade to a paid plan. Or retain them.
But do the numbers in your marketing funnel tell you what will make customers upgrade? Do your JTBD statements tell you how many customers will upgrade if you change one feature?
No, and no.
Customer journey maps helped me get actionable insights for both of these questions.
Let's take inspiration from Airbnb and Disney... I'll share a new visualization method that merges JTBD, a storyboard, and a funnel. My talk will explore 5 scenarios for when to construct such customer journey maps. We'll discuss the 3-step process of sketching a customer journey map.
Join me for a humble exploration. Let's bring a new tool to your Product Management toolkit. Let's apply this to decode your latest customer challenge.

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