Volunteer to lead a session on 15th June at ProductCamp Dublin 2023!

Please volunteer to run sessions at ProductCamp Dublin 2023 here. Submit the title of your session and a brief description. Session voting will be enabled on the day, from which will come the agenda for the day.

How to volunteer to lead a session...

Simply click on the "Add Suggestion" button on the main Feature Upvote page then enter a title and description of the session you'd like to run. Being an ...
Suggested by: Russell

Creating delightful user experiences: How to use UX design to differentiate your product

This talk focuses on how UX design can be used to create unique and memorable user experiences that set a product apart from its competitors and covers the importance ...
Suggested by: Sam Burden

Creating Order Out of Chaos

This action-oriented talk will outline product frameworks and approaches, for each phase in the product development lifecycle, that create clarity for the product and ...
Suggested by: Linda Mackessy

Escape the Funnel: Master Customer Journey Mapping For Product Management

Ditch jobs-to-be-done. Ditch the funnel. Instead, here’s how to map customer journeys for any product. You want to know how to make prospective customers buy your ...
Suggested by: Harshal Patil

Future of Reporting and Data-driven decisions

What are the new era's reporting features and how people consume data for decision making
Suggested by: Dmitry Voronin

Illogical Product Management - How thinking irrationally helps you build products that people love

Despite our best protestations, we (Human beings) are an irrational and illogical species. We are full of idiosyncrasies and foibles that often defy logic. Yet, ...
Suggested by: Glen Holmes

Managed service versus SaaS product discussion

Panel based discussion on managed services versus SaaS product with panel members from different view points, client, vendor etc....
Suggested by: Conor Begley

Mastering KPIs in Product Management: A Playbook for Measuring Success in Workday's Extend Product

In this talk, we will dive into a real-life case study demonstrating the power of a KPI Playbook and KPI Driver Tree for Workday Extend Product Managers. Learn how to ...
Suggested by: Joseph O'Carroll

Product Management Lesson from COVID-19: The Coming Screendemic

This would be an open forum on how product management should approach designing digital solutions for the next pandemic - climate change impact, mobile phone ...
Suggested by: Ultan

Supercharge problem definitions by visiting your customers in person

Visiting your customers in person can revolutionise your approach to creating meaningful experiences. Leave your desk to spend time with your customers in their ...
Suggested by: Seán O'Sullivan

The Product Management Sweet Spot - Purism v Pragmatism

Suggested approaches to the perennial question - how do I balance Product Management best practices with the realities of working for a small to medium sized company?
Suggested by: Brian Finnegan

What is Accessibility? (And Why Should PMs Care?)

Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of ensuring there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, websites on the web by people with physical ...
Suggested by: Lauren Morrissey


Go-to-market has become a thing in technology companies. But what exactly is it, what does great look like and how can product managers add value to the GTM motion. ...
Suggested by: Oisin O'Connor